no alcohol – no preservatives – no sugar
invigorates naturally

Posca Romana is an alcohol-free alternative to wine and champagne
using solely natural, rejuvenating ingredients like those used 2000 years ago.


vitalisiert . natürlich . alkoholfrei

Roter Traubensecco – Hommage an Wein und Antike

Trockenbeerenauslesen in Holzfässern 8 Jahre lang zum Balsamico gereift
. getragen von einem gehaltvollen und schweren roten Traubensaft
. mit einer zarten Perlage



with the touch of antiquity

Posca Romana is a high-end substitute for wine and sparkling wine. Made from purely natural ingredients based on an ancient Roman drink, it contains no alcohol and chemical substitutes. Posca Romana combines the sweetness of hand-picked grapes (Sankt Laurent) with an exotic sour of an eight-year-old Balsamico, matured in wooden barrels, and made from Austrian supreme quality predicate wines (Trockenbeerenauslese). You will notice a fine botrytis note (noble ripeness), delicate sherry tones and even gentle wood aromas carried by the fruitful Sankt Laurent grape.



The secret
of the Roman legionaries

Gerolamo Cardano (Italian doctor and humanist of the 16th century) attributed the superiority of Roman legionaries not least to their good nutrition and the drinking of POSCA, a vinegar-honey-water mixture in its simplest form.

Hippocrates and Hildegard von Bingen swore by the health benefits of vinegar. Modern medicine confirms that vinegar contains essential vitamins, minerals and trace elements, as well as fiber such as potash and pectin. Acetic acid is important for the breakdown of fats and carbohydrates, as well as the conversion of protein in the body. Surprisingly, vinegar does not produce acids in the body, but rather an alkaline reaction and contributes positively to the acid-base balance in the body. In addition, the high potassium content has a particularly deacidifying effect. Vinegar has a beneficial effect on stomach and intestinal conditions as well as kidney and bladder conditions.

POSCA is therefore an ideal accompaniment to meals.
It has a stimulating effect as an aperitif as well as a digestive effect!


An alternative Lifestyle

We believe that it is possible to enjoy life and have a great time without alcohol and our goal is to promote a healthy and active lifestyle! We have all been confronted with the repetitive and recurring range of non-alcoholic beverages on menus, be it through a conscious lifestyle or simply through the car key in our trouser pocket, which had brought us into this situation. We wanted to offer more variety and better quality!

Knowing about the invigorating and exhilarating effect of vinegar, we set out to fathom its historical significance and were surprised that it was highly valued from antiquity to the Middle Ages and probably played a prominent role in the culinary arts of bygone times – until resourceful baroque businessmen wanted to bring their lemons to men and women and thus ushered in the triumphal march of the lemonade producers.

We want to set the wheel of time right again and we are proud of having created a modern drink that can draw on more than two thousand years of history and tradition.
In the end, Posca can bring the taste and flair of antiquity into our fast-moving times.
We hope we can give you a little bit of joy and enrich your taste buds!



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